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Best Saw Jigsaw Voice Changer For PC

Are you really fond of saw jigsaw acting? Do you know who he is and what his role in the film industry is? If you don’t then keep reading this article. It is worth reading it and you will get each and every detail about the Saw jigsaw precisely. Also, we will discuss the Saw Jigsaw Voice Changer and how a normal person can talk like him. 

John Kramer otherwise known as Jigsaw-the killer is an anecdotal character and the fundamental adversary of the Saw privilege. Jigsaw made his presentation in the primary film of the series, Saw, and he later showed up in every single resulting spin-off. The jigsaw was presented in the 2004 film Saw through Lawrence Gordon’s relating of his first killings. Jigsaw is depicted as a puzzling individual who abducts individuals he accepts end their lives for allowed and subjects them to “tests”, normally mechanical gadgets manipulated to injure or kill the subjects on the off chance that they neglect to finish it inside a specific time-frame. 

In contrast to most killers, Jigsaw never plans to kill his subjects, the motivation behind his snares is to check whether the subject has the will to live, as he trusts their experience will show them the estimation of life, despite the fact that he here and there place his casualties in circumstances were they when all is said and done, should murder others to follow the terms that he sets.

Saw Jigsaw Voice Changer

Why do people use Saw Jigsaw Voice Changers? 

By now we are well aware of Saw jigsaw and why he is so famous in the saw franchise. He was the cold-blooded murderer. Following close to the arrival of Saw 6 out in 2009, promoting partners with Lionsgate delivered a Jigsaw voice changer application called Jigsaw Your Voice. This permitted the client to change their talking voice into the voice of John Kramer, otherwise known as Jigsaw. 

The application’s features included a chronicle as long as sixty seconds of your voice, a soundboard where clients could hear exemplary lines from the film, four pre-sets where you could coordinate your voice to Jigsaw’s, and extra settings for pitch, speed, and beat. The application permits people who are using this app to email their recordings to family, companions, or even the individuals who they may consider meriting a decent panic. Later after the launch of this software, it permitted its users to keep as many recordings as they needed for further use. 

How to sound like Saw Jigsaw?

We are gonna go ahead and we are going to use audacity to make your voice sound like a jigsaw. So let’s do it:

Step 1: Open Audacity it’s free for Mac windows and Linux doesn’t matter what you have, you can go ahead and download it for free.

Step 2: Now record your voice. Just keep in mind to copy the accent of talking from his movies. Go to effect>noise reduction and get noise profile now double select everything effect noise reduction again and then click on OK. Then has to be done at the start and the end of the recording. 

Step 3: Now the volume is a little bit low so select everything and go to effect> normalize and click ok it’s going to usually be negative 1 decibels and click ok.

Step 4: Make the duplicate of the first track by going to edit>duplicate. So for the top track change pitch and change it according to your voice. Check how it sounds. Now change the pitch of the second track and this time keep the difference of 6% while adding pitch.

Step 5: To add some phaser select the top track and go to effect>phaser and keep the settings at default. Do the same thing with the bottom track but first reverse it. Go to effect> reverse and add the same phaser then effect>reverse again.

Now in the first track, the right channel will be louder than the left channel, and in the second track, the left channel will be louder than the right channel. 

After all the settings give it a listen and this will sound like a jigsaw. Now you can save your file. 

What is a Voice Changer?

A Voice Changer is a software by which an individual can change their voice or discourse tone. It tends to be effectively changed with the assistance of some sort of programming and clients fundamentally utilize this element with they need to record and share their brief snippets on long-range informal communication locales, for example, Skype, Discord, etc.

These sorts of software are a lot accommodating in upgrading the voice and control the pitch while recording. Through a voice transformer, you can without much of a stretch change your voice into a child’s voice or some old tone and furthermore, you can change your voice from male to female or the other way around. For this element to be used the client needs to use an amplifier and speaker which will allow you to play and record the voice-over.

Different Voice Changers have their own highlights and approach to perform and one of them is the AV Diamond Voice transformer. So let’s illuminate this Voice Changer:- 

Best Saw Jigsaw Voice Changer – AV Diamond Voice Changer

AV voice changer is the latest software which accompanies progress according to various clients prerequisite and wants. It likewise works contrastingly in comparison of different applications to be used.

AV Diamond Voice Changer

This software is easy to use and you will become accustomed to it very quickly. There are no restrictions and obviously no damage in trying this application for fun or some professional use. If you don’t have the opportunity to make your own break, at that point just pick one of your predefined voices and begin savaging in the pops. Despite 100 voices that are utilized to apply some worldwide audio cues.

Features of Saw Jigsaw Voice Changer

There are some fundamental highlights which tell about the utilities of Saw Jigsaw Voice Changer:-

  1. Dual Voice changer Algorithm:  This component states that voice changer is effectively viable with any sort of games or voice chat and some different messenger applications.
  2. 2 Dimensional Voice Changing:  These apps not only change the tone of the voice or enhance it but can transform the voice of male into the voice of females and vice versa. You can also use the voice of a kid, teenager, or old. 
  3. Ready to use “Nickvoice”: In a single click, you can without much of a stretch get 100’s of requirements for voice-overs otherwise known as nickvoices. Through this, you can undoubtedly make any kind of voice.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: This app can easily be handled by the user and you will be used to the advanced updates. Although it’s harmless so you can try it once.  
  5. Voice Effect: You can make a tremendous library of around 50+ sound impacts alongside many other impacts and some non-human voices which add flavor to your sound.

Why do we need an Saw Jigsaw Voice Changer?

The reason behind using voice changers absolutely relies on an individual and its calling. A few people can use this as fun just to do a prank with somebody. Be that as it may, a few people use it for their expert use. As we have seen the voiceover in kid’s shows. In children’s channels, the people change their voices for their specific animation characters. In podcasts recordings likewise, we will hear a few voices where some are genuine and some are changed through such kinds of utilizations.

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